Samir Kennedy is an independent dance and performance artist based in London.

As a performer he has  worked with, Yvonne Rainer, Charles Linehan, Lucy McCormick, Florence Peake, Joe Moran, Pablo Bronstein, Theo Clinkard, Franko B, Rahel Vonmoos, Simon Vincenzi, and Robert Clark performing these works in both high profile and underground spaces across the UK and internationally.

As a maker he has performed his work in The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and the UK. His work can manifest as Video, Durational or Installation based performances and interventions.

 or a good old show.

His work is political. It wants to scare you. It wants you to feel something. Anything. Scrapping with abstraction and absurdity. Action. Artifice. Anality. Routing around otherness and queerness and nihilism and the body and baby. Sex and sexuality. Loud sex. Fucking rank, disgusting, there’s shit all over the sheets sex. But it’s still sexy sex. Sublime as in am I dead? Or am I just bored?