Florence Peake

Rite: On this pliant body we slip our wow! 

Robert Clark


lucy Mccormick

Triple Threat / Elche's Mystery Play

Theo Clinkard

This bright field

Joe Moran

Obverse / Arrangement / Your view of my situation / Thirst / On the habit of being oneself  

Charles Linehan

A quarter plus green / Shadow drone project

Pablo Bronstein

Historical Dances in an Antique Setting / Perspectival Demonstration in a Building by James Stirling / Cupid's Caprice

Yvonne Rainer

Trio A / Talking Solo / Chair Pillow / Diagonal

Rahel Vonmoos

To find a place / c-monologues

Franko B

Because of Love

Adam James

Wasteland Rituals / Mudhead Dances

Leah Capaldi

Prop Detritus / Leg / Isa Gensken Intervention

Sivan Rubinstein


Nina Berclaz

So we made all the food mild

Simon Vincenzi

The Thrall

Lauren Barri-Holstein



The Bley Project