LOOKS LIKE GOD - Samir Kennedy

Have you ever been in the same room as a zombie? Have you ever tried spice? Have you ever shared oxygen with a zombie? Have you ever wanted to fuck a zombie? Or looked at your colleagues and wanted to eat their faces off? Have you ever fucked someone who might as well have been a zombie? Have you ever loved somebody so much it made you want to die and come back to life just so you could eat their intestines?

Looks Like God is a new visceral performance installation by artist Samuel Kennedy. It appropriates the zombie body in all of its abject and grotesque glory, to seek out where revulsion and attraction coexist in a putrefied wasteland of displaced desire and hypersexual sexiness.

Created and performed by Samir Kennedy

Sound and Design by Samir Kennedy

Dramaturg: Martin Hargreaves

Joe Moran - Thirst

Thirst (2017) is a performance intervention by choreographer Joe Moran created with dancers Samuel Kennedy and Christopher Owen and first performed at Sadler's Wells, Sept 2017 and Queer Art Now, Oct 2017. Two men navigate a complex, shifting terrain of power, submission, complicity and consent. In a single physical act, one man moves from lying to standing to lying, mounted by another man who never touches the floor. Film: Reynir Hubter

Joe Moran - On The Habit of Being Oneself

On The Habit of Being Oneself by choreographer Joe Moran is an arresting dance experiment placing full-bodied dancing under the spotlight. On a stripped back stage seven dancers navigate complex choreographic puzzles through continuous, relentless dancing. Reconfiguring choreography and the dancing body, the result is a challenging and refreshingly immediate encounter with dancers and dancing.

Charles Linehan - New Duet 2017

Work in progress, touring 2017. Duet integrated with projection performed by Robert Clark, Samir Kennedy.

Samir Kennedy - Karaoke, Men, Mother and Me Trailer

4 hour durational performance installation.

Karaoke, Men, Mother and Me is about Karaoke, Men, my Mother and a bit about Me.

“D’ya want an ‘am sandwich darling?


This one is for my Mother and her lovers, those sad fuck blokes that bled us dry.


Shot at the ancient site Volubilis in Morocco

O Centuries is a collaborative dance film project initiated by film maker Lee Foster 

Samir Kennedy - Balloon

The first in a series


Safe Barracks - Source De

Music video for Safe Barracks, made in collaboration with Lee Foster


Rahel Vonmoos - to find a place

to find a place is Rahel Vonmoos’s vigorous yet tender enquiry into displacement – a topic which is both ancient and acutely contemporary.

Direction and video Rahel Vonmoos

Choreography in collaboration with performers: Bernadette Iglich, Helka Kaski, Luke Birch and Samir Kennedy

Dramaturgy Dr Martin Hargreaves

Lighting design Fay Patterson

Soundscape Rahel Vonmoos using sound by Terry White at Whitechapel station; own recorded sound; original sound by Bo Harwood, Motion, Untitles EP and Fernesz; extracts from Opening Night by John Cassavetes (1977)

Samir Kennedy - B-Day

A durational performance installation.

The exploitation of sexual capital is common practice. It is sold to us in easy to swallow snapshots and snippets. 

We want to see everything, and we want it now. We want it all to be broken down into bite-sized, sexy, consumable chunks for us to endlessly and mindlessly gorge on. I'm just joining the party. 

Created and performed by Samuel Kennedy

No thanks to Beyonce

ODD Company Performance 1: Spectre

A video project by 2 creative Crew in response to ODD Company's performance 1: Spectre.